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Director's Reel

Jordan Sims' Director's Reel

River - Official Music Video

Description by artist of the song - I wrote this song on the Oregon Coast in 2020 during a time when my addictions had taken over my life and I yearned for the past when things were simpler and I felt I was a better person. I missed my friends and I missed the old me. Today I can say I am no longer ‘a stranger in my own skin’ and I am proud of the life I have built and the recovery that has taken place. I hope this song and music video inspires some small part of you in some way, shape or form.

Mac's Universe - Official Music Video

jmaxmusic's Mac's Universe

White Death (Streaming on Mansa) - Short Film

In a world where Black people have to stay home for fear of turning white, how long can Darrel and Stacey last inside?

Captain Ocean - Official Music Video

Space, the final frontier. Come and take a trip with a Captain that is out of this world! Seriously!

Odeur Dégoûtante - YouTube Sketch

A spec commercial for a terrible perfume.

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